Increase your sales with Headline Search Ads

We all use the standard Amazon PPC ad. But there is another very interesting tool – Headline Search Ads, or abbreviated HSA.
Headline Search Ads are visible at the top of the customer search results page, whether the customer is shopping from a computer or a mobile device. That’s why this advertising is such effective.

To use an HSA, you need to complete these 3 steps:

  • Your sales plan should be professional, not an individual one;
  • You should have your brand registered in the Brand Registry;
  • You should have at least 3 products.

Also, we get more opportunities with a Headline Search Ad:
– Possibility to add your title;
– Possibility to add an image with the name of the brand;
– Possibility to target audience more clearly.

You don’t need to search the keywords for an HSA for a long time, if you already have an optimized Amazon PPC campaign. The most effective keys can be found there.

Expenses for Headline Search Ads, as well as all other amazon fees are automatically tracked by sellerboard, world’s most intuitive profit analytics service for Amazon sellers.